Tales from the clicker.

It’s interesting starting a blog again. I‘ve done it numerous times, in numerous ways. Some out there on the web, some tucked up safe in hard-drives that sit on a bookshelves gathering dust. But this is the first time I have made a publicly open blog for blog’s sake. I had a hand in the Devoted blog towards the end of last year – which I thoroughly enjoyed, but felt the responsibility of making it universally relevant was slightly restricting. Which, I guess, was the start of a thought pattern that would inevitably result in a blog of my personal life. And what better way to start an ongoing blog than with an explanation of the blog and the blog behind it.

Other than the aforementioned journey that inspired me towards this blog, the fact that one of my friends recently started a blog played a strong part in a fresh desire to share my thoughts through text. “Oy Brent!”, I hear you cry “No-one reads blogs about random thoughts!” – well don’t despair… My desire is to put my thoughts on digital paper. Readers or no readers, I shall still enjoy the doing. But equally, don’t be afraid to join me on this path – I will welcome all company from all places (possibly not France – KIDDING!)…

As you can probably tell from the tiny text at the bottom of the page, I’m using a Word-Press shell to produce this blog. I am amazed at how versatile this glorified content-management-system is. So expect cool little pointless widgets appearing every now and again. My reasoning for taking the blog outside of a the four-walled Facebooky, social-networky enviroment is primarily to categorise and organise my blogs better. I am a creature of habit, and if my last blogs are anything to go by – I can see this being quite a diverse selection of thoughts. This will result in the need for clear categorisation. I’m a creature of obsessive tidiness too (but you wouldn’t know from the state of my office…).

Of course, my favourite season of blogging came about whilst working at Sainsbury’s for around 8 years (!!). Needing an outlet for my musings on my current job, I created a set of Blogs titled “Supermarket Chronicles“. Today, after googling to check I had spelt chronicles right, I discovered that in actual fact they were still out there, somewhere in the Myspace blackhole. So I took some time to transfer them over to this blog and re-posted them exactly as they were posted on my original myspace in 2007 – complete to the minute in which they were published. Click the above link, or click the Supermarket Chronicles category or the right to read. Obviously they are ordered in the date that they are published – so you’ll have to go to the bottom of the page to find the first one.

But back to today. Today, March 10th 2010. The start of a new blog. “sholdstock thinks”.

So, in short, expect blogs of Truth, blogs of random and most probably stories that are so ridiculous it’ll lead you to believe I’m insane. Don’t believe me?

Lets find out. Comment as loud as you can.