My screen-name Sholdstock; I live in Brighton, UK with my beautiful wife B.

I am a designer and general media addict and have been blessed enough to turn that into a full-time career. I enjoy what I do, which will often mean I work long hours on projects – but can you really put a price on happiness?

This blog features general musings of my life alongside my more regular posts which fit into an ongoing story that is my life. The first set of stories were titled “The Supermarket Chronicles” to correspond with my everyday life working at Sainsbury’s. Since leaving that environment, I have bridged off into a new set of stories “A Story Of Colour“, which focuses on the life and times of my new Media and Design business. From there, I have concentrated more on everyday blog posts, however I am looking to start story-writing again soon.

I also had one of those unlimited film cards, so I added some film reviews durin the year I had it. I even gave it its own section. I’m sure there will be other film reviews that get added in there too. The Film Section.

I trust you will enjoy the raw literature that is published here, it’s not spell-checked, but it is 100% me.
Thanks for visiting 🙂