Stuck in a Moment

I have many fond memories of my childhood. Many. And one of the things I was pondering today was how some of them will never be revisited. Visiting places that are no longer there, eating sweets that are no longer made, sharing moments with people who are no longer with us….

I remember the exact layout of the old Debenhams department store restaurant. For some reason, it was somewhere we regularly visited as a family when visiting Brighton town. Also the old C&A restaurant, where we had a drink after purchasing my first ever games console – my original Gameboy from the Game store opposite on Western Road. All of which no longer exist. Down the the Gameboy itself.

And while I considered turning this post into a list of all of cool things I miss from my childhood. Starting, with or course, my Grandpa. But then plenty of superficial products too. Mr Men jelly sweets, Chex cereal, Root Beer on Mcdonalds tap, The Racoons cartoon, Tamagotchi’s and mini Pringles to name a few. Then of course there are the old-style branding of products that bring back memories too. And all of that brings back warm nostalgic feelings but there’s not much we can do about it apart from Google old pictures of them.

Instead I turn to the future. Looking back on this particular season will be fond for me, but it will also be special for my daughters as they begin to form early memories of their lives. And that’s why I am so glad technology is filling the gap where it never could in my early life. Sure there are a few sun-bleached photos of birthday parties and events that shaped my early childhood. But only a few. And even fewer videos. But yet, with the advancement of technology – both a high-resolution camera and video camera accompany me wherever I go. The challenge, of course, is using the technology right.

Of course, I’m talking about my smartphone. And I’m forever in the limbo of do-I-enjoy-the-moment or do I film it and enjoy it forever? And the irony is that for it to become a key memory, I would need to enjoy it without filming it. But then I wouldn’t have it to watch! But it’s no longer me that I think about in those moments – it’s my family. And sure, I don’t think it’s healthy to parent from behind a camera the whole time – but carefully captured moments will be the future memories of my family. And that’s something to be excited about. Technology truly is awesome.