Passwords gone Crazy

I know security is getting tight on passwords these days… but honestly, I spend more time trying to think of a password that fits each and every website’s slightly different criteria that I can never remember them all. The criteria may as well read:

‎”Sorry, the password you have selected isn’t good enough.

Please select a password that is between 20 and 21 characters long and contains:
an uppercase letter,
a lowercase letter,
a number,
a special character,
an upside down character,
no more than three of the same,
twelve vowels,
six consonants,
and a partridge up a pear-tree…

Please also ensure that the password is:
not your name,
not your age or number anywhere close,
not your house number or road name,
not your date of birth,
not a relative’s date of birth,
not a friend’s date of birth,
not a neighbour’s date of birth,
not similar to anyone in your road’s date of birth,
not a time between 5am and 5pm,
not a typical password,
not offensive to any people group,
not offensive to any class of people,
not offensive to us as a company,
not selected on a Wednesday,
not in a foreign language,
grammatically correct,

And ensure that is adheres to the data protection act 1998 sub-section 2.”

Yes, this is a joke. But you can see the truth in it, right?