Top Ten Christmas Films

I think it’s safe to say Christmas is a little more ‘in the air’ now. We’re exactly one month before the big day and we’re starting to see the decorations go up around the city. No surprise, then that our tree has been up for about a week now (blog post about this to follow soon!), the Christmas CD has been burned for the car and the evenings watching Christmas movies have started. And it got me thinking – what were are the best Christmas movies ever? Now I should warn you before we begin this one – this is from the perspective of someone brought up in the late 80’s, early 90’s. So for some, this list will probably miss out some “classics” (sorry, but It’s a wonderful Life didn’t make the cut) while to others, some of these films may seem a bit boring (neither did Barbie’s 3D Christmas Adventure)… So moving onto the list – from my humble perspective – here is what I consider to be the top ten Christmas movies of all time…

In at number ten…

10. Miracle on 34th Street (colour version!)
This one isn’t particularly special to me, but I recognise its festive-ness. The fact that my sister was OBSESSED with this film, meant that I got to see it at least once a year at (nearly) Christmas time – which did make me feel that Christmassy feeling. Also, a film that shows big cities in America all decorated for Christmas is an instant win for me. Aside from that, there is always the ultimate dream – that Santa is actually John Hammond and has build Jurassic Park somewhere. When you consider that, the film becomes a whole other ball-game. Clever girl. “All I want for Christmas is a trip to see the Raptors!”
09. The Snowman
Again, this one is a film we watched many-a-time at Christmas. Although – if I were to watch it now, it would probably bore me immensely – there is something special about seeing it and thinking “ah, Christmas”. And I do love films that make that happen. I distinctly remember the classic colouring of the film, which has got to be one of the best animations for its time. So on that alone, it deserves a massive thumbs-up from me. I always wanted to fly – so it has that going for it as well…
08. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
This is one for Becky – she loves this film. I guess having not seen it when I was growing up, it didn’t have the same effect on me – but still anything to do with Christmas lights and festive music earns its place on the list.
07. The Polar Express
One of the more recent films (relative to the others) on the list, this film slipped under my radar for a good few Christmasses – until about two years ago when my eyes were opened as to the awesomeness of this film. Fantastic graphics, Tom Hanks and the most festive and feel-good animation I’d seen in a long time. I loved it and I highly recommend it to anyone a fan of Christmas or trains or both!
06. Die Hard
I fought with myself long and hard to keep this off the list, but I just couldn’t help myself. Yes, I know it’s not ‘a Christmas movie’ per-say but still – it’s set over Christmas, and is generally the greatest action movie of all time, so I couldn’t not mention it really. For those of you who would have rather this not be on the list, just shift everything up one and add the Grinch to the number ten slot. Yippie-kay-yay Father Christmas!
05. Jungle All The Way
An under-rated Christmas classic in at number 5. I don’t know why and I don’t know how, but I absolutely love this film. If my sister wanted to watch Miracle, then I wanted to watch Jingle. This is possibly the most crazy far-fetched story of Christmas – and that’s including Santa, but does that make it any less good? No! This film has everything that makes Christmas cool. Presents, snow, New York, toys, reindeer and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Sorry but this is at least a firm number five for me, regardless of the poor reception it received when it was released. Come on, Schwarzenegger saying “tuuurbuuuchman!” constantly? That’s instant comedy!!
04. Home Alone
If there was anything that was missed out from Jingle All the Way, Home Alone makes up for it. This film is an all-round classic, I think everyone would agree. Kids and grown-ups cannot deny the absolute genius and charm of this beast of a Christmas film. If anything ever inspired me to build traps for Santa, it was this. I mean if had just half the stuff to hand that he did – I would have caught Santa on year one. Inspirational, festive and frankly, genius. It’s only a shame that if he did that today, the thieves would probably press charges and sue. Sigh. Whatever happened to beating up scrooges at Christmas (see number 6)?
03. Arthur Christmas
Yes a newly released film comes in and swipes the number three slot. Released only last year, this film has already captured my heart. I flipping love it. Whether the fact that Hugh Laurie’s character is called Steve or the amazing festive technology that is included, I don’t know – but either way – this film is brilliant. In terms of animation – this one takes Santa’s cookie and Rudulph’s carrot. This is the best animated Christmas film of all time in my books (nightmare before Christmas came in at 199, and that was being festively generous). It’s got literally everything you want. Plenty of presents, Santa’s, reindeer, laughs, elves… the list goes on. This should be on your Christmas list.
02. Elf
The top spot was a tough one, so number two is second by only a fraction – which only shows how absolutely phenomenal this Christmas film is. It’s truly fantastic. The other Christmas films are funny, but they can’t come close to Elf. This film is funny, festive and heart-warming. You cannot come away from this film without feeling incredibly full of cheer and singing loud for all to hear. Plus seeing Will Farrell dressed as an elf for a couple of hours is always a hilarious bonus.
01. The Muppet Christmas Carol
Sure it was a close call, but at the same time, there was no doubt in my mind that The Muppet Christmas Carol is by far – the greatest Christmas movie of all time. The Christmas Carol story is good, but to now go back to an ordinary Christmas Carol just seems stupid. Frankly, Charles Dickens missed a trick by not including the Muppets to begin with. They make this film into what it is – a Christmas masterpiece. Oh wow. Just thinking about this one makes me want to go and watch it now. This one is sure to make you feel happy, generous and joyous for all to see. Number one. No doubt.

Well now you know what I think about Christmas movies… There were plenty to choose from and so I should point out that if it’s not on here, it doesn’t mean I don’t like it – because I probably do (except Nightmare Before Christmas). Ho Ho Ho!