Christmas Tree Train: Part 2

We’re within a month from Christmas now and things are really becoming festive in our household. Aside from the road works outside (again!), so is our road. I spied the first house lights this week and that warmed the inner heart – to know there are people out there as excited about Christmas as I am. This blog is actually a little late in coming, as we set up our tree last Saturday. If you have been reading my blog (then a big thank-you!), then you’ll know that I have been long-awaiting the day in which the tree goes up and I can put my Lego Christmas train around the base. Some may call that sad – but to me, that is pure heaven…

So, with the tree up, I got to work putting the train around the tree. Becky had even started putting my presents under the tree (Eeee!), so I added some of hers and made a tunnel for the train from them. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better- it did. Lego’s Christmas sets. Wow. Pretty pricey, but flipping awesome. We managed to get our hands on the Winter Village Bakery (see right), which came with a 2012 limited edition sleigh and bench (see left). Suddenly, the Christmas train and tree began to look a little less out of place and more like a full-on Christmas scene. As you can image I got majorly excited at this.

I’ve heard it said online “pictures, or it never happened”. Well in this scenario – I am more than happy to oblige! As you’ll have seen from above and below: I present to you – my little Christmas village (so far…!).