Elected. Post General Election 2015.


The count is in and the results have been finalised. It’s five years of a conservative government with Prime Minister David Cameron in the driving seat (supposedly). A pat on the back to the Conservative party. I didn’t vote for them, but I’m sure they are really happy wit the result. Happy to see what they can achieve i the next five years. On a less positive and more local note for me – the sad news for Brighton drivers, employed people, tourists and people not living in trees: the Green party will be around for another five years too.

results-2015-electionThe overall majority of government was taken by the Conservatives which became apparent in the early hours of the morning as the Election Coverage played on my television. Perhaps the majority was a bit of a surprise but I think everyone can admit, Labour’s defeat was always on the cards with Ed at the helm. Really nice guy, but just not PM material. Every non-staunch Labour supporter knew it (and even some of the dedicated Labour members too…). The electoral system failed the UKIP party as they did brilliantly in votes but only managed to get one seat. Unfortunately not Nigel’s constituency, resulting in his resignation alongside Ed’s and of course Clegg’s. Clegg resigned after making a percentage loss of the overall vote similar to that of UKIP’s increase. Meanwhile the Green’s were in a field counting daisies.

So now that the dust has settled, it’s time to honour the fallen. Clearly the main shame about this election is that we have to say goodbye to some party leaders who have made this debate so much more amusing. Let’s remember these guys in the order they will be missed, starting from those we will likely forget by next weekend:

  • The pimple on Labour’s campaign: Ed Miliband
  • Labour’s Shadow Chancellor with the best name ever: Ed Balls
  • The first level-head MP of the Libral Democrats: Nick Clegg
  • And the only candidate to ever tell the BBC (and their audience) they suck on live TV: UKIP leader, Nigel Farage

So, as their legacy quickly fades into forgotten moments of hilarity, let us remember the excellent remix overdubs that have been made of them over the last year. Thanks for all the laughs. Cameron, keep them coming.