The LEGO Walking Dead


My wife and I really got into The Walking Dead. I mean it may not be to everyone’s taste. I’m not a fan of horror – but this TV show had me hooked from the outset. So after the recent cliff-hanger in the season finale this year, we are once again playing the seemingly endless waiting game for the new season at the end of the year. To fill the gap, I have got hold of the comics, which I’m loving. We’re also anxiously awaiting the spin-off series this Summer. But every time we see something even remotely related to a Walking Dead reference, we will immediately smile at each other with one of those knowing looks and either quote, act out or think back to a scene from the show.

Perhaps that’s why – when out walking the dog the other day – when we stumbled across an abandoned facility, our minds immediately went to Walking Dead scenes. The environment wasn’t taped off or off-limits. There, in plain site was one of the most beautiful ruined landscapes ever. It was like a scene straight from the TV show. So obviously we returned later that day, complete with LEGO minifigures and cameras, to make the most of this stunning set. You’ll have to stay tuned to my wife’s photo blog for pictures without little LEGO figures in them. But as for me, well, you should know by now that at least 50% of my photography is LEGO orientated!!

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