When the stars align or Procrastination Constellation

It seems a little late to wish everyone Happy New Year, perhaps that’s because things are moving so fast. Not surprisingly, then, that we have nearly reached the end of the first week of 2017. Crazy.

It’s usually about this point that I give up on my New Years’ Resolutions. In fact – that’s the main reason that I gave up on them. To quote my instagram post from New Years’ Eve 2015:

The only thing that will change for certain tonight is the date. Everything else remains as unchanged as you want it to. This year I’m making daily choices, not one-off resolutions

And it’s true, resolutions can give the inaccurate illusion that by publishing dramatic lifestyle changes to social media – that you have actually achieved it. When, in actual fact, the resolution is probably a lot more involved than a quick decision on December 31st. And then, when most probably, it doesn’t happen – you end up feeling worse than when you first began.

But here’s the thing. There’s another side to it too. For me, at least, it’s so easy to not make any drastic decisions for the year ahead. But then forget to make the little ones daily too. And decisions and actions for change can be a really good thing. Even if they are uncomfortable at times.

And I think that comes from an effect that I have dubbed, the Procrastination Constellation. It’s that classic feeling of, when the stars align or ‘when the time is right’, I’ll make my move. But the truth is, that time very rarely comes.

I think timing is essential in life, as is waiting, as is thinking things through. But so often, I find, it’s my over thinking and over waiting that will result in lack of action. I believe God is the perfect instigator of time. He goes beyond it and He is outside of it. And I believe He will tell me directly when I need to wait. And there are things I am waiting on. But the list is short and I think god would rather I act and steer the skid than me sit around twiddling my thumbs while I wait to decide on things.

One of the things that I really wanted to do is blog more regularly. Now I realise that this isn’t a big decision, life choice or anything g of that nature. But it’s amazing what the power of blogging can do for someone who suffers from anxiety such as myself. Sometimes just the art of writing really relaxes me – even if the content of the blog is completely unrelated. So with that in mind, I want to do this more in 2017. I imagined what it may be like to blog every day. Then again I can’t begin to even describe how unrealistic that is in my life right now, but once a week is a bit more realistic. 52 weeks. 52 posts. Some will be late, some weeks will have doubles and some not at all I suspect. But here’s to a year of blogging for me. And hopefully some interesting reading. Maybe. One in every few at least.

And to start it off, here is a very late-in-the-week post. January 7th. You’re thinking wow, he left it to the last day of the week. Well here’s a little-known statistic I pulled off the very unreliable website, week 1 of 2017 is 2nd Jan – 8th Jan. But what’s really crazy is that makes January 1st 2017 actually still in 2016. Gotta love dates. And inaccurate websites. Either way, with week 1 still a day to go, this post sits neatly into the correct time frame.

And all-in-all, when making decisions this year – I won’t be suffering from the Procrastination Constellation. Not now that I have given it such a long name. Or that upon first glance it reads procrastination constipation. And that’s a whole ‘nother thing….

Anyway, thus concludes post 1/52.