(Over) One Week Without the Apple Watch


As I’ve already proven through multiple posts that I like Apple products. Much to the detest of many of my friends, I really like their stuff. I make no apology but I’m also not going to debate it’s credibility. I love their stuff, so last year, when they announced the Apple Watch – I squealed a little bit with excitement.

I’ve been a keen advocator of the Nike+ FuelBand, which I was blessed enough to receive one from my wife a couple of years ago. My Nike band has lasted well and has encouraged me to reach movement/exercise goals daily, but it’s had its time and it’s slowly dying on me. I’ve held out on replacing it simply because I had hoped Apple would release something of similar caliber and I feel like I’ve not been disappointed.

Unfortunately for me (and fortunately for Apple!), I wasn’t the only one with a keen eye on the Apple Watch. With one of the longest gaps between technology announcement in late 2013 to physical release date (24th April 2015), there was enough time for consumer anticipation to reach tangible levels of excitement. Blogs, forums, papers and tv segments were buzzing around the release of Apple’s Watch. The unfortunate consequence of this is that the demand for the device has rocketed far above Apple’s expectations. I logged on to pre-order my device last week, there was only a 30 second time gap between the pre-orders opening and me completing my order, and by that time the shipping time had ALREADY slipped from launch day to 4-6 weeks. I was slightly gutted to say the least.

So, on release day, I was without a watch, and instead of playing with my new toy – I was watching other people’s unboxing’s on Youtube and every news article since. If there’s something online about the Apple Watch, I’ve since read it.

But here’s the silly thing. Has this made me bitter? Nope. Just hungrier than ever to get my hands on this lovely bit of kit. No doubt, I will be writing a full review when I (finally!) get that UPS knock on the door with a lovely white box with an Apple embossed on the side…