From Supermarkets to Infinity. Part 2.

The funny thing about looking back at events that happened a while ago is that you gain new levels of hindsight. I mean take, for example, turning up to work after your honeymoon – only to be presented with a manager who was glowing red with fury and two sticks of dynamite, one in each hand, held high in the air for all to see. Not the best start to a new season at my job.

When I was at university (which wasn’t THAT long ago), the average work load for a student was approximately two to three pages a month. If that. Fortunately I’d have been wise and spent most of my study hours playing games like Call of Duty and so I’d learnt what to do when presented with dynamite. After looking around the warehouse, it was clear I had been surrounded by managers and manager-wonnabe’s. Each probably fed with the lies my manager was most likely splattering out. He was angry that his staff had all left… and allegedly it was all my fault… apparently. Well I may have gently nudged them in the right direction – but still. It was his bad originally and then I had knocked them towards the edge… Ok maybe I was partly to blame.

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