Bank Bonus Time!


I love a good bargain when I see one. Even better if I manage to get the bargain JUST before the closing date. Online shopping has become a brilliant way of getting exactly those discounts. I’m the sort of person that will go through the checkout page of a website, then google to see if there are any online discount codes buzzing around anywhere. Rarely do I come up with anything – but on the odd occasion that I do – it always pays off. That’s why I got a tad excited when I saw that my back was offering bonuses that could be accessed through my online banking. In some cases, they even mentioned that they would pay for random goods I have purchased. Naturally I activated the offer immediately…

I can’t remember how long the service has now been going for – but after a bit of research, I’m seeing adverts from as early as November 2013. Assuming we’re one year in, I thought I would share of my fantastic rewards total so far. £5.32! I better put that straight into savings to get my 0.1% interest on it! And it’s probably needless to say that they haven’t offered to pay for any of my spends over the last year either. Not even a sneaky little maccers.

Now, I realise this particular reward system is built on the varying companies at varying times to try and encourage me to spend there. But I would be interested to see what the average reward is for the average customer of Lloyds. I only say this because a fiver for 12 months is pretty hilarious. Personally, I wouldn’t be advertising this service at all if I were Lloyds – in fact, I’d be really embarrassed. But that wasn’t even the cherry on the cake. I literally burst out laughing when I saw the deal that was available this week. I sprayed my computer screen with the excess saliva in my mouth because I was so unsuspecting of how funny the deal was. A company, who will remain anonymous for the sake of a few reasons, offering 2% cashback. 2%! Without naming and shaming here, lets say your average spend at a place like this would be less than £50. Assuming you even spent THAT much – that would be a £1 bonus. The irony here would be it would COST me more than £1 to get to this shop!

I’m not even peeved at the company offering the deal – I think it’s the perfect example of how banks like Lloyds are using every strategy under the Sun desperately trying to appear as though they are doing us favours, when in actual fact its all smoke and mirrors. But that’s quite literally another story, one that I’ll probably tell a bit closer to Christmas… I just thought I’d share my amusement with the world. Sorry Lloyds employees, nothing personal!