Best Birthday Ever?


With special mention to my gorgeous wife, this was possibly the most fantastic birthday of my life.

First of all, the snow! Everywhere! I love snow! Not to mention the incredible food moments- Chiquitos (or however it’s written), Nando’s, Pizza and Harvester! Admittedly not all on the same day. But then there was the cake- made by Becky which was amazing (pictured).

On my actual birthday we went out in the snow and then travelled up to Bluewater shopping centre (a personal favourite location) where I was able to purchase the Lego Hobbit Bag End (Shire House). Amazing.

Also I was blessed by Becky and my family to be given a Nike+ Fuelband. Honestly, one of the greatest presents ever. Review coming shortly on that one!

As if this wasn’t enough…! Becky got me a session feeding the meerkats at the local zoo the following day.

Thanks everyone who gave me a present, card or donation to the Stephen (Lego) fund!