Day 21 to 30 in LEGO


This is it (a day late), the final ten pictures to my LEGO Creative Challenge! It’s been fun. Exhausting but fun. Probably the wrong time in my life to start doing stuff like this, what with a baby and new business – but it was very rewarding. I’m really happy with the results. Hope you enjoy…

FYI, the bit that’s taken the longest, is the explanations!!

Day 21 – Something You Want. A good one, until you read number 23 and 29. I’m not really sure how they differ. But none the less, if you’re asking – I’d like a real life Dancing Groot that will grow up to be my family’s personal walking bodyguard and/or a velociraptor. Whichever is easiest. I’m considerate like that.

Day 22 – Something You Miss. I contemplated something a bit more emotional, like my Grandpa or ‘the old days’ but they weren’t really someTHING – so I have to go with an extremely shallow one – the vintage gaming days. Specifically, I miss the days of Nintendo 64.

Day 23 – Something You Need. I’ve been trained well on this one. If anyone ever gives you a wish – wish for more wishes. That’s wishing 101. So I need a real life Genie- complete with wishing for more wishes. Thanks.

Day 24 – A Couple. It’s amazing how often this process has reminded me what an amazing wife I have and what an amazing team we are. So while I considered featuring us again (and I kinda did, in the background), I eventually went for a famous couple who inspire me. R2-D2 and C3PO. The galaxy would be in a shambolic mess if it weren’t for these guys. Here’s a thank-you from us.

Day 25 – Scenery. A little winter scene for you. Taken from out lovely Christmas decoration scene this year. I’m sure there’ll be more photos of that to follow…

Day 26 – Something You Don’t Like. He may not grammatically be a ‘thing’, but he is to me. shakespeare. Urgh! His work isn’t horrific, but I cannot believe the fuss people make of him. I’m sorry, but Stan Lee deserves more credit than this guy. Sorry it’s not that great. His storylines all consist of the same formula: Get to know everyone > get into an unfixable situation > kill everyone off because there is no other solution. Yawnfest 1597. And that’s why I’ve set a bear on him.

Day 27 – Someone You Love. Easy. my wife. She deserves all the flowers, medals, trophies and rewards for best everything. Thanks for being you and for helping me be a better me. I don’t just love her, I adore her.

Day 28 – Anything You’d Like. I’m not sure if they are referring to me doodling whatever I like or whether they are referencing me to make something that I’d like. Either way – the only logical option was to get a picture of LEGO Minions. As we’d all like some of those, wouldn’t we?

Day 29 – A Place You Want To Go. The Big Apple. The City that Never Sleeps. Godzilla’s Treading Ground. Whatever you want to call it. I’d like to go to New York (amongst a lot of other places in America). And yes, it is about 50% about getting a decent sized McDonalds portion. Large means LARGE over there. That’s how it should be.

Day 30 – A Congrats Banner. No explanation needed. Which is just as well. Because I’m out of bricks, words and time. Thanks for reading. Onto my Christmas Photo Calendar!!