Day 11 to 20 in LEGO


The second ten days of my LEGO Creative Challenge!

Day 11 – Turning Point In My Life. While there are many moments that I would define as ‘Turning Points’, most of which surround my wife. I think there’s only one that stands out. Of course, the most recent is quite obviously the birth of our baby daughter. But I’ve saved that for another Day. And here’s why, she wouldn’t be here without my wife. And I think that I can trace back to the main ‘Turning Point’… The moment when I decided that all my old emotions and things of the past were nothing in the light of what my life could be if she was a permanent part of it. And so, the moment that resounds the most is that of the decision to marry my wife. Different Minifigures used, because these were the actual figures we created on the day of our engagement. Great times.

Day 12 – Most Recent Accomplishment. No brainer. Our little baby Squish. She is so incredible. I never thought I could love a baby human as much as I love her. Well done to my wife as this is equal parts her accomplishment as it is mine!!

Day 13 – A Comic! Had a bit of fun with this one. It doesn’t particularly reflect my personal life. In all honesty, I’m not Spiderman. Sorry, had to burst the illusion bubble on that one.

Day 14 – Favourite Fairytale. I’ve seen many Disney films in my time. But I’m not sure they count? Or maybe they do. I’m not clear on what constitutes a ‘fairytale’, but I couldn’t bring myself to suggest ‘Cinderella’ or ‘Sleeping Beauty’. So I decided to go for something a little more modern, a little more current and a little more me. Some may call it just an advert, but I honestly can’t think of an advert that left me talking about it 12 months later. Nor can I think of an advert that had me telling it as a bedtime story to my daughter. It’s the Bear and the Hare. Thanks John Lewis for bringing this fairytale into our lives.

Day 15 – Family Picture. Pretty easy, I’ve used her a few times over now, for other days. But thought about making a bit of a LEGO frame around my family to make it a bit different.

Day 16 – Inspiration. Not as easy as it sounds. My wife, my child, my dog? All true. But having featured them so heavily in previous days, I thought a little longer about this one. Another source of my inspiration is very much animals. I love them. I love wildlife, I love nature. And I’m inspired by it. Hence my choice on this one.

Day 17 – Favourite Plant. Plant, really? This is the first of a few suggestions that I found quite weak (more to come in the final ten days!). But I rose to the challenge. But only because there is a clear winner for me. A plant, in his own words: “I am Groot!” Love Groot. Love Rocket. Love The Gaurdians of the Galaxy.

Day 18 – Just A Doodle. Quite a interesting one when I’m not drawing these challenges. But I took it on to do a bit of LEGO art. I’m pretty happy with the result of this one. Im contemplating doing a full-size one.

Day 19 – Something New. Again, the temptation here to feature little baby Squish was great. But I think I’ll feature Lightning McQueen, the beast that got us to the hospital in ample time. Several times. Thanks car.

Day 20 – Something Orange. Could have been my old car, my sippy cup or some Fanta. But instead, I thought I would utilise a bit of my Festive LEGO. And what screams Orange the most over the Christmas season? The carrot on a snowmans nose. Obviously.