Roadworks Revisited


11 months ago, our road was treated to days of interruptions as the council decided to ‘resurface’ the road. Their methods were genius. I mean who’d have thought of plugging potholes with balls of gaffa-tape? Someone who doesn’t have to drive on the road, that’s who. After a fantastic array of machinery ploughing along our lovely road (see the video here), I asked one of them when they would be coming to finish off the road – since the ‘finished’ result was very gravelly and frankly useless. Not to mention the areas of the road that had been missed – even though they were the parts that actually required re-surfacing! Their answer to me “when it settles”.

Working from home means that I see what happens down the road almost every day. So I can pretty much say – there hasn’t been any action since.

Well anyway, 11 months later and we’re back for more action. Plenty of time for the gravel to ‘settle’ though. Got to give it to them, though. It was under a year.