Another Season finale Part 5


My sisters wedding! 21st August 2014.

Emotions were high. I woke up in the house on my own as Becky was with the Bridesmaids at the ridiculously posh venue (photos to prove it). Waking up next to a snoring dog instead of your gorgeous wife was funny, cute and smelly.

But time to get ready. Time to get ready for the last wedding of the season.

Time warp to two days after. Exhausted isn’t the word. But lovely day is two that could be used to describe the events that took place. There is so much that could be said about the day. Many, many great memories. But they say that a picture paints a thousand words. So I’ll post some photos next.

This is more about the realisation that came from the day AFTER the wedding. It was an early start due to prior commitments, so I took the dog out for a walk to give Becky a well-earned rest in the morning. If you need to know why Becky needed a rest, you clearly didn’t read part four. Come on. Seriously. Don’t jump in half way.

It was while walking the dog that I realised everyone was going about their lives as per normal. People loading their cars, ready for work (mostly with drugs or illegal goods). Parents dropping their kids of day care while they carry out the ‘day job’. Retired’s strolling back from the newsagent with their rolled up newspapers with questionable goods in them. Maybe I don’t live in the safest neighbourhood. And maybe I exaggerate in my blogs.

But generally speaking, everyone that I passed was going about their normal lives as if nothing had changed. I had a good mind to stop them and say “Hey! You should be having the day off! Don’t you realise Vicki got married yesterday? Have you no respect?” I meant, it WAS the royal wedding after all. Why were people so out of the loop?

The pedestrian reminders sunk in to a new realisation. They didn’t know about the wedding, obviously. But for me, this was the reality that my sister had grown up and married. While this was world changing for me, it wasn’t for anyone else. My close friends and relatives had nearly all gone the same way – married and grown-up. Cue the violin and a tear for each of my friends that has now ‘grown up’. Then imagine a fart noise to bring things back to reality. This was the final big event of the year and when I considered all the lives that had been changed – I once again flashed back to mine and Becky’s wedding and how our lives had changed.

Having learned so much over the last year or so, and comparing life at the start of our marriage to life as it is now, I can’t put into words how phenomenal my life is thanks to her. I think when I first got married, my brain and emotions were in a bubble. I didn’t pause to take into account the monumental improvement that getting married would make to my life. Not once have I regretted it, but not enough had I considered how much my life had been improved. Had I have known, I’d have married her the moment I met her. And if people knew – they would stop their day-to-day lives and take a day to recover. Because my world changed the moment I married Becky.

And here’s the point to this whole season of my life. I’m making the most of how amazing my wife is – as practise. Because if there is one thing I am determined to do, it’s this. I’m gonna appreciate how much our little Squish is gonna change our lives so that when she arrives. I’m going to make the most of every minute and then, when she is old enough – I’m going to tell her the story of how life was before she came. How her auntie got married. How our figurative uncle and auntie got married a few weeks before and how it got me thinking about how complete our lives were going to be when she jumps into it.

That’s the penultimate part to this finale. Because we all know what comes next. It’s been a long 2014, but come the end of October, the main event happens. And there isn’t a wedding in sight now. Just baby Squish. I can’t wait to meet her. Becky can’t wait to meet her. And Domino can’t wait to lick her too.