Annual Occurrence

The irony of this post is not lost on me. It seems that every post that I write always starts with an apology for lack of writing.

But I did want to give a short (but sweet) update on where I am. To the single person and several thousand spam machines that will read this, I did want to explain The Story of Colour.

I think it’s safe to say, it’s a little more “trippy” than The Supermarket Chronicles, it has a lot of imagery and maybe slightly less action and thrill. My apologies. I feel that this chapter of my life is every bit as relevant as the super market times and that is why I wrote it. It was the 2010 chapter to my life.

Clearly we are not in 2010 anymore (happy new year, by the way) and The Story of Colour remains unresolved. Throughout the year I have jotted down many plots and stories that fit into The Story of Colour, but truth be told – I am ready to move on to the next set of stories in my life. For that reason, I will write the concluding part to The Story of Colour over time and post it as and when it is complete. From there, if I ever get time to add in the missing elements between parts 3 and the conclusion – I will add them in. For the record there were 12 parts in total. The conclusion stretched over parts 11 and 12.

As tempting as it is to add a teaser as to the next set of stories, I will refrain from doing so in order to focus on the conclusion of The Story of Colour. I will say this much though, the third set of stories in my life are contained within a nice array of stories.

I will write to explain all about it, once The Story of Colour has concluded. The first of the dramatic conclusion should be online some time soon.