A New Chapter


It’s been a while since I’ve been able to write anything here at the hub of sholdstock. As my previous posts suggest, my family has grown by one and free time has more than halved. Now, a proud father of a beautiful baby girl, my (our!) lives are far more complete and, of course, exciting. But it’s also meant less time to write. Even this post is written during the early hours of Sunday morning as baby sleeps in my arms (causing a dead-hand situation, but totally worth it). I totally get why parents watch their babies sleep. It’s gone from a freaky concept to suddenly one of the most incredible experiences ever.

There has been quite a bit I’ve wanted to write about, but simply not had the chance. Amazing, life changing events such as the first few months as a father, alongside (perhaps trivial by comparison) interests such as the Apple technologies, superheroes, films, new LEGO sets and (probably the least interesting…) current UK politics. And that’s just the bits at the forefront of my memory at this early hour.

So, in this brief post, while as I prepare to draft some further posts – Happy Christmas for last year, Happy New Year from a bit earlier, Happy Stephen’s Day from January, Valentines from February and Easter from April. Sorry it’s been so long, but safe to say this new season and chapter will be the most significant and exciting yet and I hope to capture as much as I can here on my blog.