The Real Christmas Pudding


Oh, we’re really getting into the swing of Christmas now. The seasonal aisle at the local supermarket can’t contain the festive snacks any more – we’ve branched out into the frozen department – and it’s very very good news. All my life, one of the biggest things that I never understood about Christmas was Christmas Pudding… Why take a perfect meal, full of fantastic tastes and ruin it with a brunt-up mound of rotten fruit. Not for me. No thanks. So to see this Ben and Jerry’s with their festive Ice Cream was like coloured fairy lights being turned on in the dark night of Christmas Day Pudding. There were three, I believe. The first was something banana-ery (so naturally, I ignored it it’s fruit and therefore too close to Christmas pudding). The second was ‘Joy to the Swirled’, a mix of vanilla ice cream mixed in with toffee and chocolate swirls (mmmmmm). But the last, and best one was the Minter Wonderland. Essentially Ben and Jerry’s mint-choc-chip ice cream. Mint flavoured white ice cream with the nicest dark chocolate chunks I’ve ever tasted in an Ice Cream. Thank-you Ben and and thank-you Jerry. You just saved Christmas Pudding.