Day 1 to 10 of LEGO

2014-11-05 20.17.15

So here it is, the first ten days of LEGO!

Day 1 – Yourself. Pretty easy one to start with. I already have a Minifigure Avatar. Originally he started off with brown hair. As my hair diminished in real life, the figure acquired a hat. The hat featured in all photos, right up until my Lego Ice Bucket Challenge, where my hat fell off. Since then my Minifigure Me has appeared as I do in real life -hairless! In the background is my computer, a fizzy drink and an iPhone in hand. Pretty accurate, I think.

Day 2 – Favourite Animal. While I have many favourite animals, one little guy has stolen my heart. Of course I am referring to my dog. As we affectionately call him, “Bean” (although that’s not even close to his actual name…!). Limited by LEGO’s few Minifigure pets, the dalmatian is the closest depiction – a lot more accurate that the previous Alsatian and Chocolate Labrador dogs released prior to this one.

Day 3 – Favourite Food. Getting a little bit harder now… I love my burgers and chicken. I love pasta and fish. But I think my top spot has to be reserved for Pizza. Which is pretty handy, because LEGO just realised a new Pizza brick with the latest LEGO Minifigure Series, 12.

Day 4 – Favourite Place. Quite a lot of competition for this one. Home. Cyprus (specifically Tomb of the Kings). Bluewater. But I had to go with something that has always held a special place in my heart since I was a boy – The Natural History Museum, London. See me as a boy enjoying the Dinosaurs. I still love this place and I still love dinosaurs.

Day 5 – Best Friend. Easier than any of the others, my closest friend, the love of my life and much better half – my wife 🙂 She shows me up even in LEGO. She’s awesome. I love her even more than LEGO!

Day 6 – Favourite Book Character. Ok, this one annoyed me because of the little addition to the challenge ‘can’t be in a movie’… I haven’t read any books that haven’t been made into movies! There’s a movie for everything these days. If the addition wasn’t there, it would obviously be the Dark Knight himself – Batman. But since there are PLENTY of movies surrounding him, I had to go with a lesser favourite of mine, but the best one that’s not in a movie: Nova (of the Marvel Universe).

Day 7 – Favourite Word. – Which coincidentally is also my favourite time: Christmas! Maybe it’s the timing of this challenge that is tainting my judgement here – but I think I’m within my rights here. Christmas it is. Ho Ho Ho.

Day 8 – Favourite Animated Character. This was a hard one to narrow down. Top three would be Timon (Meerkat from The Lion King), Simba (from The Lion King) or Aslan (from Narnia). Since two out of there were lions – it made sense to go Lion for this. So call him Simba or call him Aslan – here is is. The finished product admittedly looks a tad more like Aslan than Simba. Which reminds me, LEGO: when are you gonna do a LEGO Pride Rock?

Day 9 – Favourite TV Show. This is a debate I’m sure I will come back to in my blog. But for ease of LEGO creation, I’m going with Bauer Hour – 24. Other forerunners were (in no particular order): How I met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, The Walking Dead, The West Wing, The Office UK & US, Lost and Sherlock. The more I think about this, the more I am tempted to come back to this one at a later date…

Day 10 – Favourite Candy. I’m English, so I don’t really endorse the word ‘candy’, but as I’ve said on many occasion – I’d always go Chocolate over Sweets. And while I really don’t actually like KitKats, I think this photo illustrates ‘chocolate’ in its most general term. It I had to choose best chocolate, I’d be sitting pretty with a standard bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk. Mmmmmmm.

Loved doing the first ten days. I’m so thankful for all of the above and am reminded how each one holds a special place in my world and heart. Hopefully I’ll do some more of these soon….!