Batman vs Superman vs Iron Man vs Captain America

banner-bvs-cwOh 2016 is going to be an incredible year for superhero films. Aside from the frustrating Fox-Marvel films that refuse to play ball wit the rest of the Marvel universe (in 2016 including Gambit and XMen Apocalypse – seriously, guys. Fantastic Four reboot much?) we have Civil War, Doctor Strange and Sinister Six from the Marvel Universe along with a healthy helping of Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad from the DC Universe. All in all – this is going to be a good year to get a Cineworld card!

Although the others will be incredible, I think the most publicised will undoubtedly be Batman vs Superman, Suicide Squad and Civil War. Each compiling several key characters into one film. The two most ovbious box-office head to heads being BvS and CW.

With this in mind I wanted to portray my respects to the deserving super-heroes that will headline their respective teams in cinematic battle in the year to come. I haven’t seen either film, I have seen all the trailers and I have read the Civil War comics. So, where I think there are potential spoilers – I’ll let you know in good time. So you can read on in safety 🙂

Civil War – What I’d like to happen
We’re talking a no brainer here. Iron Man vs Captain America. It seems pretty clear to me that ‘Cap will be relying pretty heavily on his team-mates because, quite frankly he is nothing in comparison to Tony Stark’s Iron Man. I’m not just referring to the films either. It seems to me that Iron Man is just generally better. Sorry to all you ‘Cap fans out there, but the fact that he needs side-kicks in all of his movies is simply testament to his weaknesses as a super hero.

Captain America may have been an icon in the age he was born into, but in the age of superheroes that we live (fictionally speaking) – there are just too many to compete with his shield and leadership skills. Plus, and let’s be honest here, he would have stood a better chance if his shield was made of alimantium rather than vibranium. But I guess we all have Fox to blame for that one.

So I’d love Iron Man to trash Captain America. That’s opinion. Let’s talk reality. The next paragraph could contain spoilers, but I can only speculate based on the comics and movie casting at this stage.

Civil War – What’s likely to happen
Firstly, let’s just explain what they’re fighting for. In short, Iron Man heads up a side that thinks all super heroes should be unmasked and be held to to government accountability. While Cap thinks freedom and anonymity are more important. Following a heavy set of fight sequences and plot developments, the storyline concludes at a final battle. The comics produce a bittersweet victory for Iron Man. While Cap ultimately reaches the point of Iron Man’s surrender in battle, Cap is persuaded by the onlooking public that they are no longer fighting for their rights and are, instead, fighting for the sake of fighting. The carnage from the civil war dawns on Cap, as he surrenders to the authorities resulting in a win for Iron Man and his side. Steve Rogers is arrested at the end of the story.

From the films perspective, I expect a similar result. The pivotal difference is that based on Chris Evans, he wants to retire as Captain America. What better way than to kill him off? Perhaps he will die fighting, leaving Falcon to take on the stars and shield. Much like the comics in a different story arc. But all-in-all. Only time will tell. The MCU (Marvel Cinamatic Universe) have surprised us on numerous occasions.

Potential spoilers end.

Batman vs Superman – What I’d like to happen
Onto the other big battle of year. Oh it’s no secret that Batman is my favourite super hero of all time. It’s also no secret that Superman rates bottom 3 super heroes of all time. Why? Well that’s simple, he’s practically indestructible. And that’s boring. His alien heritage is something that does make him more interesting, but if I wanted real alien history, I’d head over to Lantern territory which is far richer. Leaving Superman as a really boring case for a superhero. Some people may not agree, but to me, Superman can suck kryptonite.

Batman, however, is a self-made hero. He had to earn it. He’s not loved or adored by the people he works to protect and fights against criminals that are literally insane. His journey to hero actually includes training for his character rather than it just happening on a silver platter. Much like Iron Man, Batman is a evidence that you need to work to become a hero.

So needless to say, I would love Batman to put Superman in a steaming bath of Kryptonite head-first. Batman is better trained for combat, so armed with Kryptonite, he would undoubtedly be a better candidate for victory than a Superman with no super power.

Batman vs Superman – What’s likely to happen
Potential spoilers to follow. Based only on the comic and the film trailer.

The comics have produced multiple clashes between to two, with (predominantly) a Superman win. The most famous of which, with the help of Green Arrow, Batman delivers a victory but upon delivering the final blow suffers a fatal heart attack, sparing Superman’s life. But upon attanding the funeral, superman hears Bruce Wayne’s heartbeat and realised it had been a fake death to enable Batman to continue fighting injustice in the dark. Good, but not likely in the film.

Today’s film trailers have to deliver a lot in a two minute punch, but there is an art to it. Giving a lot in a trailer is fine, giving away a lot is not. Although I haven’t seen the film yet, BMvSM’s trailer offers a killer spoiler (I think). It seems as though after fighting, a revived General Zod monster (revived by Lex Luther) causes havoc, resulting in a Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman team-up. This likely sees the end of Batman and Superman’s fighting as they work together and envitably (as the tag line and already-in-production sequel suggests) form the initial Justice League.

So in all likelihood, we’re more likely to see a kiss-and-makeup scene than a victory moment for one of our heroes. Perhaps heart-warming, but annoying if you wanted one to destroy the other.

Spoilers end.

Alas, speculation and theories aside, both films promise to be a great watch and needless to say I’ll be in those theatres faster than you can say DC vs Marvel for this flicks.