Social Protocol for the Modern Man

I am a man. Something I quote to myself overtime I need to do something I don’t want to do. You know. Change a poopy nappy, walk the dog in the rain, socialise, get up in the morning. Live. You know the deal.

But in all honesty, I think there is a ridiculous stereotype that grinds my gears. And it’s the expectation that all men need to be ‘men’. You know what I mean. Men need to drink beer and burp. Men need to love football and hate crafts. Men need to drink Coke instead of Diet Coke. Men need to be the master power tools and be obsessed with sex. And heaven forbid that a man ever like pink as a colour…

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The Sleeping Toddler

I think one of the strangest things for a non-parent to understand is the watching of a child sleeping. I mean even typing now, to me, just sounds creepy. Why would anyone want to watch their child sleep? We all know that no-one looks their best in their unconscious-REM-cycling-mode, but somehow that doesn’t matter as a parent. In fact as a parent, this is one of the greatest parts of the day for me. Let me explain…

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