A long time ago, in a small town called Portslade, a bunch of Summering students gathered to create a 24-esque spoof on a zero budget. Again.

Created on a portable camera in 2005 and edited on Windows Movie Maker, the technology never ever wanted this to see the light of day. But somehow, we managed to pull it off. We know it’s not up to today’s video standards, but then again, not many home videos are 14 years old.

Now, for the very first time – both the original and the sequel are available to watch online courtesy of YouTube. So put your feet up, grab a coke and brace yourselves for one of the most elaborate home movies of all time.

Soundtrack by Sean Callery, 24 [Original Television Soundtrack]
Used without permission or proper sound mastering… But you already knew that.

View 61 #1 on Youtube here
View 61 #2 on Youtube here

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The Sleeping Toddler

I think one of the strangest things for a non-parent to understand is the watching of a child sleeping. I mean even typing now, to me, just sounds creepy. Why would anyone want to watch their child sleep? We all know that no-one looks their best in their unconscious-REM-cycling-mode, but somehow that doesn’t matter as a parent. In fact as a parent, this is one of the greatest parts of the day for me. Let me explain…

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