I just wanted to say thanks for the feedback on my last post. It wasn’t an easy post to write, but it was something I’ve wanted to explain for a while. Life has it’s ups and downs, and thankfully I am currently on the up which is why I felt able to blog my experiences with a level head. None-the-less, this process has been very real to me for a few years now, so in some ways it’s a bit strange hearing people’s first reactions, but that’s my fault for not writing something earlier. But I just want to say from the bottom of my heart – thank-you.

The comments, responses and messages I received have been extremely touching. I am truly blessed to have such an incredible set of family and friends around me. I also wanted to give a special mention to those friends who took the time to get in touch who I haven’t spoken to in a while. Your comments meant a great deal.

Like I say, I’m currently in a good place, but it’s extremely reassuring knowing that there are so many people who care.

I was also touched by the number of messages I received from people who had gone through/are going through similar things. I’m no expert and I know there are people who have a lot more experience in this area than I have. So I’m really not trying to act like I know it all, because I really don’t. But I can talk from my experiences. Those still going through it, I want to say that don’t be afraid to talk about it. The lesson I’ve learned from this journey and since posting this story online, there is no shame in this. It’s not something you’ve brought on yourself nor something you have to be embarrassed about or walk through alone. For a while I did, needlessly. And there is a freedom that comes from talking about it. If only to find out just how many friends and family have got your back!

That’s all, thanks again 🙂 x