Darker Knights (My Soundtrack)


Having a dog is such a joy. Rain or shine, his cuddly nature and doggy smell is great. But as the darker evenings eat into what used to be sunny afternoons, all it takes is a little rain shower to make the dog walk seem like a bit of an impossible mission for this geeky home-dweller. So on the rainy days, or the days I just don’t have the energy to face the trek – I have a back up plan to help me excersize the dog. No, it’s not a dog walking service or a treadmill. It’s a secret playlist on my phone.

For lack of a better name, it’s named (the embarrassingly cheesy): Epic Soundtrack. Original, probably not. But it does help. It’s in an order that breaks me into the journey, right the way through to the last stretch home. I’m pretty proud of the results. So I thought I’d share this awesome tool. I guess this post could potentially have read: my soundtrack or best movie instrumentals. But hey, I went with Darker Knights because it plays on the darker evenings as well as the first track in the playlist…

IMG_1894Track 1: A Watchful Gaurdian from The Dark Knight.
As soon I decide to talk the walk, I start playing it. With an epic punch to begin, the track mellows for about two minutes, perfect timing to get myself and the dog ready. By the time I leave, the track’s picked up. This very grown-up tune really kick-starts the walk. The tune of Batman makes me feel like I could save Gotham. Shoreham’s a bit of a lost cause though.

Track 2: The Avengers from Avengers Assemble (duh!)
Classic superhero anthem, helps make me feel awesome and makes me feel like I have Hulk strength. Which is good when up against cats, squirrels, chavs and postmen. A nice little two minute track, which sets up the jewel in this playlists’ crown…

Track 3: I am the Doctor from Doctor Who.
Whovian or not, this track is by far the most epic in this playlist. All the others are from incredible multi-million film franchises, but this track originates so a humble BBC show. I do love Doctor Who, but I have to admit I have always found the music a little lacking. That is, until the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith). His overture is simply incredible. This track is enough to put on repeat and carries me through an entire walk. Seriously, give it a listen, you’ll thank me for it.

Track 4: End Credits from Jurassic Park.
After the epic previous track, an emotional journey of a track was needed. What better than the fantastic theme to Jurassic Park. This track usually corresponds with us arriving at the park. And based on the frequency the council cuts the grass at our park, it does feel a little bit like trekking through a pre-historic jungle.

Track 5: He’s a Pirate from Pirates of the Caribbean.
Post park poo, there is no better anthem than Jack Sparrow’s sailing song. And it usually requires a level of self control to not swing the poo bang in time with the tune. The possible consequences of twirling a warm poo-bag are usually enough to restrain me though.

Track 6: Washington Ending/Raiders March from Indiana Jones.
as the post walk blues set in for the dog, I start to think of our warm home. This is where the emotional think-ey bit of Indiana Jones really lifts the mood. Climaxing in the classic trek music that makes me feel as though I’ve drunk from the Holy Grail.

Track 7: Back to the Future from… well you can guess.
What better way to finish the walk than with Marty’s tune echoing through my brain. Rain here sometimes just makes this song even more incredible. The final stretch home usually and this carries me there easily. If not, it’s track 2-7 again.

So there you have it. My Epic Soundtrack playlist. You can listen to it below if you have Apple Music. If not, perhaps you should.