Another Season Finale Part 3


The first step to solving any problem is recognising there is one.

It’s post wedding, now and I think there are too many emotions to write about. Happiness, exhaustion, love, I could go on. It was no small thing for a wedding day, and it seemed as though the happy couple enjoyed it.

I’m so very happy for them, but I’m also blown away by the fact that my younger friend is now married and starting a life and a family of his own.

Only two days later, we visited the hospital for our baby scan. We found out we were having a girl. Admittedly, we kinda expected it to be a boy – so it was a bit of a surprise. But as things started to sink in, a picture started to form of our future. This future is still four months away – but it served as a reminder of something very real and very important. Life was changing around us and I hadn’t really given it much thought.

We’ve never had a kid before… I mean we have the dog, who is a handful enough – but a child! It’s sort of like “God, are you sure you want to trust us with a human??”

The first step to solving any problem is realised there is one. And us (or me) not realising we hadn’t stopped to consider how much our lives were gonna change was the realisation we needed. Sort of. But this was only the first of three weddings that would change the way we were…