Another Season Finale Part 1

I am quite aware that this post will primarily drive home one point – that I watch too much television, but it’s not really something I regret. Perhaps that’s a post for another day.

But I have a strange way of looking at the life I live. I see it as a story, an ongoing adventure that is divided up into seasons. And I’m not necessarily talking about seasonal changes, I’m referring to life being bunched up into quantifiable episodes, climaxing with big life events as season finales. Call me crazy, but it’s made some of the more pivotal moments in my life seem less stressful and somehow also made them feel more epic too.

So, with this mentality in mind, I feel as though we are coming to the end of the season currently. I think it may be a number of factors, not least the wedding of one of my closest friends this week but also the very visible changes that are taking shape around me as I do life with those I love.

I could very easily go straight into one of the last few episodes here in this post – but I think these episodes are rich enough in story to warrant their own entries. Which is why this is only part one of this season’s finale.

I think the best place to start this story is four months ago, in flash-back form. The realisation that we were going to have a baby. We had decided to try for a baby, not long before it happened. God really blessed us there. Neither of us take it lightly.

Both me and Becky always had our criteria for the timing in which we wanted to have a baby. Those reasons will be known to only a few. One of those people to know, the friend getting married this week (present time), makes it even more apt. It’s almost as if we are all in the final stages of this season of our lives. Those four months ago, I’d have never considered how much my life would change in such a short space of time – even before we’d had the baby. But somehow it did, it has and I imagine it will continue to do so. And thus sets the stage for one of my best friend’s wedding.