I Heart Technology

20130627-161632.jpgI think one of the greatest things about today’s life is technology. That may not sound particularly deep, but I am genuinely amazed and reminded about how fantastic everyday technology is.

I’m writing this pool-side on our first out-of-the-house (and country!) holiday in three years. We returned to our honeymoon destination, Cyprus.

When we first came to Cyprus, four years ago, the iPod touch had just been released and we were lucky enough to have one. We then proceeded to go from shop to shop, restaurant to restaurant trying desperately to pick up some wifi so we could download apps and update our social networks. It was hard work. It was rare to find even a bit of WiFi and 3G for our nearly-smart-phones was unimaginable.

Now, only four years later, I’m astonished at how much things have developed. Now, every villa comes with free WiFi as standard. Every restaurant is filled with free WiFi signs. Not only that, but 3G coverage here is brilliant too.

Not just the wifi though. Thanks to a handy little lead, I can plug in my ipad to the TV and watch films and TV shows through it. I can sync photos from my SLR to my ipad to view them while we’re still away. And best of all – I have a means of writing comfortably whilst away. That’s not to mention the fantastic experience of flying here and how flying has changed. Beautiful technology. Thanks techy’s for developing such really cool stuff for us!