Order Overload

It’s been too long. And for those of you who know me, you’ll know why. Things have been crazy busy at sholdstock towers over the last few weeks as our LEGO Minifigure Caricature business received its biggest ever boom in the build-up to Christmas (pun intended!). We’re thrilled at the volume of orders and as much as I’d love to write more about it, time doesn’t permit on this occasion as the orders are literally waiting for me in my next browser tab…

That all being said, I just wanted to say one thing. That while the volume of orders that we have been blessed with may seem overwhelming – it hasn’t effected (affected? who knows!) me the way I suspected it might. When I tell people the magic number of orders that need to ship before Christmas – they often widen their eyes in fear. I’m not saying this to boast. Far from it. In fact, I want to say why I’m not overwhelmed by it and why we have the orders in the first place.

There is no question in my mind that as someone is faithful in the small things, bigger things present themselves. And I think that as we act in the smaller tasks, prepares us for the bigger ones. And even in the smallest task, I struggle. With concentration. With anxiety and with management. But I learnt early on that if my faith in God REALLY meant anything, it has to apply to everything. Otherwise there is no point. So I would go to Him with the seemingly small tasks. Asking Him for help. Begging him for sleep at night instead of worry.

Truth is that set me up big time for the big time tasks. As my family stand on the verge of the biggest work-fortnight of their lives – there is one thing I know. Just as God saw me through every single small task with peace – so it is with the big one now.

Don’t think for one second that I credit myself with the orders we have received. Nor do I expect to be able to conquer them alone. It’s certainly not for my glory. But all credit must go to Him who provided them. And just as He provided the orders, the mentality to do them – He also provides us with help. A massive thank-you to my Parents and Parents-in-Law. A great big thank-you to all the friends and family who have either helped or simply understood that we haven’t had time to even socialise. And the biggest thanks goes to my family. To my two gorgeous princesses who are so patient while the house becomes a production line. And most importantly, my wife, who has literally given up sleep and sanity for this endeavour.

It may not be a long season of mass ordering, but I know I won’t be overwhelmed. Because I know where the success comes from, I’m under no illusion that this is my doing and I am completely convinced that as a team – my family and I will eat this task for breakfast.

Thank you for all your support. In business, in friendship and in every other way.

And if you were wondering what on earth this business is – you can check it out at buildmemini.co.uk.