No Matter What


This week is a very special week for me (us). Not only is it my gorgeous wife’s birthday but also our sixth wedding anniversary. I’m so excited to be taking some time out from working with my amazing little family. There’s only four of us, when you include the pup, but family times with this crew always make the top highlights of my life…

This post isn’t to rub it in anyone’s face or to flaunt the life I live but simply a reminder of how truly blessed I am. Every year for our anniversary, I compile a book of photos of all the family highlights and memories from the previous year of marriage. This year was book six. She must predict their arrival as it’s my standard anniversary gift to her. But as much as she loves them, they really do a lot for me to. There’s something so incredible about looking back over the last year before entering into the next one.

As our camera phones become better and our adventures become more exciting – the sheer volume of photos have increased year-on-year (and so has the thickness of the books!). But this year, whilst looking through photos of last Summer, the arrival of our incredible baby girl, her first Christmas and all of our moments in-between have made me realise how blessed I am.

For all of my flaws (and there are many!), my wife stands by me. Not only putting up with me but actually helping me. She makes a greyscale day suddenly full of vivid colour. She became a Mum in this last year and has somehow managed to complete a qualification, go back to work and start up her own photography business – and on top of all that – somehow become and even greater wife too. The more I do life with her, the more I am convinced that there is no limits to her awesomeness. I’m so proud of her and I love her so much.

In short, I can only hope I can reciprocate some of that awesomeness. We’re always and forever, no matter what.