New LEGO Season


As a LEGO Minifigure collector, there is always a ‘next set’ that I’m looking forward to building. Not always for the building or craft that comes in the set but rather the minifigures that accompany them. Above are just some of the highlights from the year so far.

But of all the sets so far, I think the Bat Tumbler has been my favourite to assemble. The minifugres were incredible (see Joker and unique-suit Batman above), but the build itself was simply exceptional – click on the link to the right to see it on the LEGO site. One of the most fun builds ever. So much so I got a display case for it. The other new sets included the LEGO Ideas Exo-suit (mildy reminiscent of a non-yellow version of the Aliens Power Loader photos here), the Ant-Man giant Ant, Avenger Tower and the Spiderman/Sandman Showdown. I’m also looking forward to getting my teeth stuck into some of the Jurassic World sets at some point in the future.

And who knows what’s next…?