Modelworld 2014


Every year in late Feb, me and my friend (who is basically my younger brother) go to an exhibition that take place at the Brighton Centre. It’s usually the only visit I make to Brighton Centre in a year – but it is totally worth it. The exhibition is essentially a bunch of nerds, geeks and grandpa’s showing off their models. It’s one of the few places I feel as though I am home. Haha. This year there were three of us visiting the place that every model-maker loves. Each year, there are four must-sees….

Highlights for me have always been (in this order):
a) The increasing LEGO exhibits each year
b) The same R2-D2 unit each year – which I have to get a photo of, otherwise it’s a fail
c) The Darleks
d) The N-gauge railways


This year, the exhibition exhibited the credit crunch more than anything – with increased ticket prices and decreased exhibits. It was still great fun, but it was a shame to see some annual scenes not there. The one thing that had thrived more than ever though… the LEGO. I’m not sure if it’s due to the release of the movie or what – but I’m not arguing. More LEGO = more fun. And that rule is a rule for life. Fact.