Never Built For Sports

A view to make your day

A perfectly blustery and torrentially wet day for explaining what I got up to over the Summer.

Here in England we pride ourselves on the classic seaside views and the beautiful countryside landscapes. And how else would the countryside grow to be so green if it weren’t for all the rain we get. And we get a lot.

Actually the Summer was reasonable weather, but quite sporadic. But that was all the excuse I needed to not go out in the weather – sunny or not. Lets face it people, some people were just built for inside and some people were built for sports. That’s just the way it is. Sadly, if sports is a reflection on manliness, then I am probably not the best representative for mankind. Although I am aware the Brighton and Hove Albion got their new stadium this Summer, played their first game there and are now currently top of the league table. But that’s more Brightonion patriotism than anything else.

The cool way to spend Summer? (Cineworld's Advertising, not mine!)

So how did I spend the Summer? Inside. In the cinema, to be more precise.

Becky and I both got one of those cards that gets you into the cinema countless times, fooling you into thinking you are getting in for free. But it has been awesome. And I have been determined to get my money’s worth. I think we’ve done it so much now that the tickets worked out at under £1 for the last few showings in August.

As a result of this phenomenal investment into our future, I felt it would be smart to review the latest victories and failings of Hollywood and it’s buddies. For that reason, I have decided to write a short (and unbiased, as much as is Stephenly possible) review of the films I’ve seen. I am aware that I have the exact opposite tastes in film to some people, so if you are one of my opposites, just count my reviews as reversed.

But in case you are interested, you can see my reviews in the film tab at the top right of this page ^^. Here’s a list of my Summer films (listed in order of release, not preference)…

I’ll keep writing these reviews, if only to remind myself of the ones I enjoyed and the ones I’d love to try and forget. So far, we have loved the experience and if these help you in any way then that’s great too.

And at the end of it all, at least my Summer was productive.
Beat that, sunshine.