Great Scott!! It’s the future!


IMG_0118It’s actually Back to the Future day! Yes, we’ve had a few fake ones along the way, apparently, it’s not too difficult to edit this photo (pictured right). But rest assured, this version is accurate. So at 4:29 in California time today it will actually be when Marty and Doc arrive in the delorean…

I’m loving all of the online blogs about what the film got right vs what it got terribly wrong. All of it, of course, overshadowed by the lack of pink hoverboards by Mattel. But in reality we are living in amazing times. The technology may not have stretched to flying cars quite yet – but rumour has it Apple’s working on that (joking! although they are working on cars) – there is a lot of technology that wet ave used and implemented in society that fits the Back to the Future predictions.

Things like 3D movies, contactless payments, face peels, video calls and video backgrounds all were spot-on. While the use of hovering in just about every technology is yet to be implemented. I think there must have been a butterfly effect from something else Doc and Marty changed in the past that stopped the hover technology being implemented in time (obviously).

One thing is for sure, as far as technology goes – we are living in an age where just about anything is possible. Except time travel. Which is a shame. Pity no-one kept their delorean’s.