Nothing like an insult and exclamation mark to drive home a post title, eh? The title could relate to any number of people or things. Like the fact that this blog post is nearly a week late for week 4 of my 52 week blog journey. I mean that’s slack by anyone’s standards, and only the fourth week – wow! But, no, this post is about something a bit more close-to-home…

I wrote a blog post last week about the way in which the new US President, Donald Trump as been ‘welcomed’ into office by outraged social network users and media agencies alike. Not brilliantly. And while I could draw similarities between the title of this post and the said media agencies *cough* BBC *cough*, this post isn’t even about that.

It’s about the very notion of hypocrisy. The definition of the word hypocrite, according to dictionary.com, is “a person who feigns some desirable or publicly approved attitude, especially one whose private life, opinions, or statements belie his or her public statements.”

And in the light of that definition, I think I need to make something quite clear. I am, by no means or measure perfect. This will come as no shock whatsoever to anyone who knows me. But I wonder if I dare suggest something grander, we all suffer from imperfection. The classic line whenever we mess up to excuse ourselves: ‘nobody’s perfect!’ comes to mind. And while flippantly used here and there in our daily lives – it’s actually a really truth that we should pay attention to every now and again.

So at the risk of beating a dead horse (a physical action I would highly advise against, but in analogy’s sake…), I revisit the Trump debate. Since my last post, there have been several actions of the new President that have been wildly unpopular amongst the louder-voiced of the Western World (dare-I-say, making their point seem more universal than it actually is). But it’s debates like this one that bring out the best and worst in people.

But we pick and choose our battles, and often wave other flags to suit our own needs. It’s easy for me to criticise the anti-Trumps because I am not directly affected by any of his decisions. Just as easy as it is for anti-Semitic people to fuel the Trump protests under the ‘guise of global peace and love. But that, to me at least, outlines the very fundamental issue here. We’re all human. We all (and try and not see this as a cliche) make mistakes. We all change our minds. We all go back on our word every now-and-again. And we all fail to see the faults in our own lives before we air your dirty laundry on Facebook.

So forgive me if you read last weeks’ post and felt like I was full of myself. Perhaps I was. I mean, I still stand by what I believe and wrote. But I didn’t once mention the fact that I don’t think I’m perfect. I know I’m not. And I know that two blog posts won’t fix the worlds’ issues. I’ll need to write a third one to ensure that. Kidding. But in all seriousness, with all the heavy and potentially poisonous comments and videos that are being liked, shared and posted by reliable and unreliable sources alike – lets remember we’re all human and we are all trying to make our way in this world. If you’re enraged by something – chances are someone is equally enraged with an opposite opinion.

And that’s it. Perhaps. An tag-on to last weeks’ post. But a valid one at the very least. And there is 4 of 52. Albeit a week late…