LEGO Builds – The Simpsons House


During my Summer break from working, I had the extreme pleasure of building the LEGO Simpsons House. It’s a set that’s been out for over a year now – but it was new to me. I won’t go into a long blurb about how fun the build was. I will say this though, the build was as fun as the end result will be to photograph. Having an incredibly detailed house, will give plenty of new and exciting photography opportunities!!

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Even when it hurts like hell


When talking about something that will inevitably stir emotion – I think it’s important to state from the outset that this is my opinion. It’s how I see it, and it’s not meant to offend but rather present how my conclusion was made.

I love creativity and I love art. When both are done well. I’m also a believer in God and His Son Jesus, so when something comes along and fans that flame whilst fulfilling my creative and artistic flares, I really appreciate it. It’s not secret I’ve always been a fan of the music that the band UNITED produce, but their latest album release left me so impressed that I needed to write a blog post about it…

Deeper than the music, there is a heart behind this album that I would describe as open, exposed, humble and honest. For me personally, I often struggle with ‘Christian’ lyrics and songs where I get a sense of a song for songs sake. By that I mean, a guitar riff over a set patterned array of recycled lyrics. These often result in my inability to push passed the song and utilise it as the tool it was (hopefully) intended for – to worship God. So to have a worship album that doesn’t concentrate on the safe and sometimes repetitive lyrics is extremely refreshing. Continue reading

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In defence of Real Food


Oh please, let me talk about this from my heart. I don’t want to offend or aggrivate but I’m fed up of people telling me their thoughts on this without a chance for the poor victim to defend itself. The victim, of course, being real food.

Social media churns out so many infographics, memes and recycled posts regarding ‘junk food’ than I’d care to count. Some claiming chicken nuggets contain hen heads, others claiming restaurants have cleverly named their meat substitute as ‘100% Beef’ providing the illusion of its origin. Other claims say that new studies have proven links between something and some disease. I don’t know where these start (probably fruit markets), but these rumours make their way into everyday conversation as fact and before you can say ‘but it tastes so good’ – fast food has been branded as forever unclean along with anyone who eats it.

Sorry, but that’s ridiculous. I am a proud advocate of fast food and will defend it to my full-lifespan grave. Let me just defend this glorious food industry on the fronts that it is often attacked… Continue reading

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I just wanted to say thanks for the feedback on my last post. It wasn’t an easy post to write, but it was something I’ve wanted to explain for a while. Life has it’s ups and downs, and thankfully I am currently on the up which is why I felt able to blog my experiences with a level head. None-the-less, this process has been very real to me for a few years now, so in some ways it’s a bit strange hearing people’s first reactions, but that’s my fault for not writing something earlier. But I just want to say from the bottom of my heart – thank-you. Continue reading

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Heart-Broke Sound


The last few years have been interesting for me. At times – inexplicably void of emotions or on occasions overwhelmed by them. For no reason. My life has been incredible – effectively swimming in awesome blessings. I have a family better than I ever could have imagined: my wife, daughter and pup being everything I could have dreamed of and more. Business thriving and generally everything better than OK. But, every now and again, something would send me off into a spiral of despair. Usually something so trivial that it would mean nothing to most people. But my inability to stabilise my outlook on the situation would often cause me to struggle with even the simplest of tasks. Continue reading

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Photography and The Black Hole


About 7 years ago, through the beauty of eBay last-minute bidding, I was able to get myself my first ever Digital SLR (DSLR) camera. This gave me the capacity to take decent photos through an average lens and yes still use them on the computer. It was early days for the DSLR and so, like a kid in a chocolate factory I would daily parade around my life, trigger-happy with a large black camera around my neck.

It quickly became apparent, however, that there was a missing link in the chain of photographic perfection (aside from my basic knowledge of the skill). Time. I’d find myself taking tons of photos on a (at the time) medium-quality camera. That was the fun and easy bit. The difficult bit was the admin thereafter, and finding the time to do it. First came the upload to the computer. At the time technology had barely embraced USB2 – so the speed at which the high-resolution photos uploaded was slow at best. Then the sorting. Only one of every scene is needed when you’re taking pictures of the same animal at a zoo, so why I’d taken 15-50 of them was puzzling and frustrating. Assuming no edits were needed, then came the exporting and adding to social media. Again, at the time Facebook was still in its infantcy and MySpace could barely handle more than 5 photos at a time – so the photos would often end up in my ‘archives’. And by ‘Archives’ I mean a complete shambles of unsorted photo files clogging up my hard-drive… Continue reading

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