The Waiting Game!


Anyone who’s had a baby will know that the guidelines surrounding actual labor are vague at best. Mainly because every mum and baby are different. Without getting too graphic or giving away the fact that I know precious little about this process – rest assured that this week would be titled ‘The Waiting Game’ in our journals… Continue reading

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Cold Drinks For The Win


I saw an article recently about the ‘struggles of non-tea drinkers‘. I really appreciated the concept and the thought that there may be someone who struggles as much as I do with hot drinks. As I read through the list of twenty-something reasons, I sadly began to realise that the author wasn’t as similar as I’d hoped and just didn’t drive home the point that needed to be made. Because quite simply some people don’t like hot drinks- I’m one of them and I don’t feel bad about it.

I know, I know I’m a web designer, I get called around to people’s offices and workplaces and they offer me warm beverages until they are blue in the face. But the simple fact is, I decline every time. If they don’t have squash (shame on them) or fizzy (even more shame!) then water will have to do. No offence to you T&C drinkers – but I have a right to drink the way I need to. So, to better the article mentioned above, here are MY numbered points about my struggles as an ‘I don’t drink Tea of Coffee’ guy: Continue reading

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Walking Dead Easter Egg


Spoiler alert. Walking Dead S05E02-03.

If you’re a Walking Dead fan, and you haven’t started season 5 yet. You may want to skip over this post and come back once you have. It’s no major spoiler but it does say a few things you may want to see on the show first. I’m referring to episode 3 (but it could well be in episode 2 as well). Continue reading

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Bank Bonus Time!


I love a good bargain when I see one. Even better if I manage to get the bargain JUST before the closing date. Online shopping has become a brilliant way of getting exactly those discounts. I’m the sort of person that will go through the checkout page of a website, then google to see if there are any online discount codes buzzing around anywhere. Rarely do I come up with anything – but on the odd occasion that I do – it always pays off. That’s why I got a tad excited when I saw that my back was offering bonuses that could be accessed through my online banking. In some cases, they even mentioned that they would pay for random goods I have purchased. Naturally I activated the offer immediately… Continue reading

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Evolution of Phones


Yesterday, I received my first call through my computer. Cool eh? I know, I know – the Beta of OSX Yosemite has been around for months now – but I was someone who waited to get the official release. And it was worth the wait. Maybe I’ll do another blog about the fun features about this operating system, but for now it got me thinking of the evolution of the Phone in just my lifetime. Which then got me all sentimental about the phones I have enjoyed growing up. And I thought I’d share it here…


The first batch (pictured above), was the journey of screen and ringtones. My first ever mobile, with only two lines of digital readout was my pride and joy. I loved it. Until the Nokia 3210 came out. That had snake (classic phone game that I’ve probably spent more time on than any other game…)!! The screen, still two-tone had a massive display in comparison. Through the years, the screens grew, the colours increased and the ringtones went from beeps to polyphonic to full-on audio recordings. Then came the age of the camera phone, just before the dawn of the smartphone.


The final few phones (indicated above) included the last button phone by Sony Ericcson before I switched to touchscreen. Since then the technology in phones have only ever increased in quality and capacity. Right up to yesterday, where I took my first phone call through my synced computer. Who knows where we go from here, but I love technology. Thanks Erricson, Nokia, Sony and Apple. This journey continues to be amazing…

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5 Years On


Tomorrow marks five years since my departure from my Sainsbury’s days and into the era of my own business. For those of you who don’t know, I did an eight year stint on the Produce department at my local Sainsbury’s. In my time there, a lot of things changed around me. The store was completely renovated, we have multiple store managers and countless department managers. Many of my colleges came and went in the time I was on that produce department. Only a handful of the dedicated employees lasting my entire term. These eight years were the perfect stepping stones, whilst I was deciding where to go next in life. It was my job whilst I was at college, university and the time after that. So naturally, it encapsulates so many fantastic memories…

Continue reading

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