Another Season finale Part 6


Sometimes a concept, acceptable behaviour or even character can be spoon-fed to us throughout our entire lives. Thanks to clever and creative media we don’t even notice it- that everything is pushing us in a certain direction. But every now again, something comes along that can turns everything on its head. It picks you up, spins you around and shows you the bigger picture. And every once in a while, that same ‘thing’ will make more sense than pursuing ‘socially acceptable’. Sometimes that something is the catalyst for the biggest change of all.

A fitting end to any season is to look back over the events that have occurred throughout our time in it. It’s early evening on New Years Eve 2014, and this blog deserves a reflection. I mean earlier this year I was regularly posting blogs that corresponded with major events that took place in my life. Things slowed way down suddenly, though. So when the biggest event took place in early November – there was barely a mention of it on here! That’s not by accident or without purpose. Time is the brings better perspective. It is, however, a complete coincidence that this post be written on the final day of 2014. Nice when things work out… Continue reading

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Christmas Wishes


Writing a blog is extremely therapeutic. For an introvert like myself, it helps me consolidate my thoughts into a concise chapters of what I’m going through a given time. Often a post will be a thought train that comes together eventually as a post, but a lot of my intended posts never reach the blog-post stage. They are either lost on a long dog walk or I simply don’t have time to put them into words. This post has stuck with me for a long time and I’ve never really been able to get it right. That, and I’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to post it. But here goes. I guess this could also be considered a blog post for my baby girl when she grows up a bit. If so, I’d retitle this post as ‘Christmas Wishes, a.ka. How I Met Your Mother.’ Cue HIMYM music.

Warning, this entry is a bit gushy… Continue reading

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Christmas Lights


The little brightly coloured Christmas lights sparkle and glow. Shining of memories. It’s a warming feeling. And it comes from more than just a set of tacky lights. After an extremely frantic week, somewhere after all the buzz of working, sending off orders and family time comes the opportunity to reflect on the week I’ve had. With many highlights, many of which surrounding our baby Squish – I think the thing that sticks with me the most for this week is the anniversary of my Grandpa’s passing. Continue reading

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Christmas Decorations

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Day 21 to 30 in LEGO


This is it (a day late), the final ten pictures to my LEGO Creative Challenge! It’s been fun. Exhausting but fun. Probably the wrong time in my life to start doing stuff like this, what with a baby and new business – but it was very rewarding. I’m really happy with the results. Hope you enjoy…

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Day 11 to 20 in LEGO


The second ten days of my LEGO Creative Challenge!

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