The LEGO Bat

Nearly six months after receiving the precious gift of a LEGO Tumbler (Batmobile from the Dark Knoght trilogy, also known as the Bat), it was promoted from its dormant box to a full day of building. The finished product was so great that I had to get a display for it. I just didn’t have the heart to dismantle it.

This is by far the biggest and most detailed set I have ever had to privilege to build. It was the most fun I have had building a single set and the end result is simply stunning. Plus I’m loving the exclusive Batman and Joker minifigures!

And, of course, I had to record this monumental event with a stop motion build. Excuse the camera angles and see if you can spot the Angry Bird PJ bottoms – but all-in-all I’m very happy with the result.

For the video, I don’t own the music but I can proudly say I own the LEGO set.

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Free Stuff and Consequences


Why is that when stuff is free, it always feels tastes or works a lot nicer? Well, most of the time anyway. Occasionally there’s a sting in the tale. Luckily this one is merely a pet peeve in comparison to the payout. I’ve been too busy to write anything for a while, but a couple of weeks ago the Daily Mail was giving away free LEGO. Just grab a paper at between 60p and £1.50 (depending on the day), rip out the LEGO token and exchange it for ‘free’ LEGO at a WH Smith store.

It was a good week for stocking up with elements for my LEGO business, and genuinely good fun building the little mini-sets (or as the Adult Fans of LEGO call then, Polybags). And while the price tag of the newspapers was totally worth the polybags I got in return – there was one major consequence to it: a week’s worth of newspapers sitting in my house… Continue reading

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BrownCoats and Netflix


It’s been suggested many times to me that I should watch the classic Science Fiction TV Show: Firefly from 2002/2003. I confess, the artwork and concept didn’t particularly appeal to me, but while working through my Netflix list-of-things-to-watch, Firefly’s time came. Why did I wait so long?

I’m not a big fan of older television, unless its been paired with memories from the time it aired. For example, I wouldn’t say that I find Frasier particularly hilarious – but I love it because it reminds me of morning TV before I went to school. But Firefly, perhaps looking older than it should, had an instant appeal even 12+ years on. I’d actually seen the follow-up film Serenity but it had made little sense to me. Now, having watched them all in order – I am sold on both the show and the film. Personal favourite character Jayne Cobb. I now totally get the hat thing. Browncoats are the name given to fans of the show, which after a bit of Googling appear to be in the hundreds of thousands. This is paritcualry spectacular considering Fox’s dismissal and ultimate cancelation of Firefly after only airing 11 of the 14 episodes… Continue reading

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It’s a LEGO day


One of the beauties of having your own business is that you can decide the hours that you work. But there is some days when the work decides how many hours you do. Constant orders for my personalised toy business have caused today to be another LEGO-themed day. And let’s be honest, I think those are the best days :)

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New Time: First Thoughts with the Apple Watch


Thursday 14th May saw the notification that every keen Apple fan is hanging-on-a-thread for: “your order has been shipped!”. So late Friday, I was united with my brand new Apple Watch Sport 42mm Space Grey. Most of Friday involved me waiting at the window with my ever-expectant pet dog awaiting the UPS delivery van. Once it had arrived, I had so much work to catch up on that I didn’t even get to open the package until later that evening.

But when I did, oh wow. The sheer joy! So this post is my first month with an Apple Watch. It will be a fair review – I promise. But if you’re hoping that this review will conclude it’s a needless accessory, you may want to stop reading, because spoiler alert, my conclusion doesn’t end that way. Continue reading

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An Introverted Reflection


Stephen Hawking put it a bit like this: Silent People have the Loudest Minds. That’s a great quote. It’s been a while since I last wrote an introvert piece. But someone posted a great link today on social media that was a really great article to help people understand introverts a little bit better. So I thought I’d share it. The article was called “10 Ways Introverts Interact Differently With The World”, originally by the Huffington Post… Continue reading

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