Bank Bonus Time!


I love a good bargain when I see one. Even better if I manage to get the bargain JUST before the closing date. Online shopping has become a brilliant way of getting exactly those discounts. I’m the sort of person that will go through the checkout page of a website, then google to see if there are any online discount codes buzzing around anywhere. Rarely do I come up with anything – but on the odd occasion that I do – it always pays off. That’s why I got a tad excited when I saw that my back was offering bonuses that could be accessed through my online banking. In some cases, they even mentioned that they would pay for random goods I have purchased. Naturally I activated the offer immediately.

I can’t remember how long the service has now been going for – but after a bit of research, I’m seeing adverts from as early as November 2013. Assuming we’re one year in, I thought I would share of my fantastic rewards total so far. £5.32! I better put that straight into savings to get my 0.1% interest on it! And it’s probably needless to say that they haven’t offered to pay for any of my spends over the last year either. Not even a sneaky little maccers.

Now, I realise this particular reward system is built on the varying companies at varying times to try and encourage me to spend there. But I would be interested to see what the average reward is for the average customer of Lloyds. I only say this because a fiver for 12 months is pretty hilarious. Personally, I wouldn’t be advertising this service at all if I were Lloyds – in fact, I’d be really embarrassed. But that wasn’t even the cherry on the cake. I literally burst out laughing when I saw the deal that was available this week. I sprayed my computer screen with the excess saliva in my mouth because I was so unsuspecting of how funny the deal was. A company, who will remain anonymous for the sake of a few reasons, offering 2% cashback. 2%! Without naming and shaming here, lets say your average spend at a place like this would be less than £50. Assuming you even spent THAT much – that would be a £1 bonus. The irony here would be it would COST me more than £1 to get to this shop!

I’m not even peeved at the company offering the deal – I think it’s the perfect example of how banks like Lloyds are using every strategy under the Sun desperately trying to appear as though they are doing us favours, when in actual fact its all smoke and mirrors. But that’s quite literally another story, one that I’ll probably tell a bit closer to Christmas… I just thought I’d share my amusement with the world. Sorry Lloyds employees, nothing personal!

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Evolution of Phones


Yesterday, I received my first call through my computer. Cool eh? I know, I know – the Beta of OSX Yosemite has been around for months now – but I was someone who waited to get the official release. And it was worth the wait. Maybe I’ll do another blog about the fun features about this operating system, but for now it got me thinking of the evolution of the Phone in just my lifetime. Which then got me all sentimental about the phones I have enjoyed growing up. And I thought I’d share it here…


The first batch (pictured above), was the journey of screen and ringtones. My first ever mobile, with only two lines of digital readout was my pride and joy. I loved it. Until the Nokia 3210 came out. That had snake (classic phone game that I’ve probably spent more time on than any other game…)!! The screen, still two-tone had a massive display in comparison. Through the years, the screens grew, the colours increased and the ringtones went from beeps to polyphonic to full-on audio recordings. Then came the age of the camera phone, just before the dawn of the smartphone.


The final few phones (indicated above) included the last button phone by Sony Ericcson before I switched to touchscreen. Since then the technology in phones have only ever increased in quality and capacity. Right up to yesterday, where I took my first phone call through my synced computer. Who knows where we go from here, but I love technology. Thanks Erricson, Nokia, Sony and Apple. This journey continues to be amazing…

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5 Years On


Tomorrow marks five years since my departure from my Sainsbury’s days and into the era of my own business. For those of you who don’t know, I did an eight year stint on the Produce department at my local Sainsbury’s. In my time there, a lot of things changed around me. The store was completely renovated, we have multiple store managers and countless department managers. Many of my colleges came and went in the time I was on that produce department. Only a handful of the dedicated employees lasting my entire term. These eight years were the perfect stepping stones, whilst I was deciding where to go next in life. It was my job whilst I was at college, university and the time after that. So naturally, it encapsulates so many fantastic memories…

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The Real Christmas Pudding


Oh, we’re really getting into the swing of Christmas now. The seasonal aisle at the local supermarket can’t contain the festive snacks any more – we’ve branched out into the frozen department – and it’s very very good news. All my life, one of the biggest things that I never understood about Christmas was Christmas Pudding… Why take a perfect meal, full of fantastic tastes and ruin it with a brunt-up mound of rotten fruit. Not for me. No thanks. So to see this Ben and Jerry’s with their festive Ice Cream was like coloured fairy lights being turned on in the dark night of Christmas Day Pudding. There were three, I believe. The first was something banana-ery (so naturally, I ignored it it’s fruit and therefore too close to Christmas pudding). The second was ‘Joy to the Swirled’, a mix of vanilla ice cream mixed in with toffee and chocolate swirls (mmmmmm). But the last, and best one was the Minter Wonderland. Essentially Ben and Jerry’s mint-choc-chip ice cream. Mint flavoured white ice cream with the nicest dark chocolate chunks I’ve ever tasted in an Ice Cream. Thank-you Ben and and thank-you Jerry. You just saved Christmas Pudding.

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Autumn Leaves


We may be a few weeks into Autumn now, but this week really started to feel like it. I think the need for a scarf just topped it off on the dog-walk today. But I do love the early sunsets amidst the blustery chills whilst walking through crisp walkways littered red and orange leaves on the ground. Primarily because it makes being inside that much cosier. But we all know, deep down, the real reason I love Autumn (yes, Autumn – not ‘fall’ – fall is an action that occurs after you trip, not a season) is simply because it means we are that much closer to gloves, snow, fir trees and Christmas.

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It’s now been a couple of weeks since the official release of the Apple mobile operating system for 2014: iOS8. Since its first announcement earlier this year in June, I’ve been quite excited to get my hands on this tweaked version of iOS7. Although immediately available to developers after the June announcement – as I’m not an Apple developer – I had to wait for the official release. So needless to say, since I got it, I’ve been putting it through its paces. And here’s what I’ve found (so far)… Continue reading

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