Free Money


Online shoppers? This is for you. Let me be honest for a second here. I’m really not a fan of the success talks and increased wealth seminars. Look, I realise it works for some people, but for me, it’s just not up my street. The way I see it – there is one bit of advice when it comes to business that trumps it all. And it’s one that is casually overlooked. You can’t get money for doing nothing. Fact. And when something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. The casual appearance of get-rich-quick schemes skip over the bit where you will need to work overtime to do it. These schemes also overlook the fact that you are basically entering a long line of pyramid selling that will essentially leave you very little credibility.

But occasionally there is gold out there. And I’ve recently found a few tips that have helped me. Bluntly, I don’t have a massive portfolio of investments (two, in fact. 1 Share in Facebook worth £20 and a few in Sainsburys worth £50 – I’m obviously the wolf of Wallstreet). I have credit cards and a student loan. I’m no genius when it comes to saving money away, but I do like to hunt down the deals for saving money on a day-to-day basis. This may take a bit of getting used to – but these deals have saved us quite a bit of cash over the last few months… Continue reading

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Two weeks for thirty.


I’ve reached 30! Crazy thought, that. I’ve never been one for keeping a note of my age, but it’s easier to do on round numbers. This birthday, as with all of mine over the last ten years or so, I took two weeks off work.

I have always appreciated birthdays. I know some people don’t appreciate the necessity to celebrate them, while others celebrate massively at extravagant parties. I don’t like parties much, but I really do like to make the most of birthdays. And that’s why, for my family we take two weeks out of our busy schedules and focus on celebrating with each other for each others birthdays.

It seems foreign to some. Ridiculous to others. But it’s a tradition that I started just before leaving my previous job at Sainsburys. They didn’t understand it then, much like many people don’t understand it today. Both me and Becky are now self employed, so we don’t get holiday pay and as a result, it does cost to celebrate in this style. But we still see beyond the financial side of it.

But let me explain the rhyme and reason behind my madness. Continue reading

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A farewell nod to Dippy


My Thirtieth Birthday. I wasn’t entirely sure how to spend it. There were a few options, a few suggestions (none of which were a part, those who know me won’t be surprised to hear). But the final choice came at a last-minute suggestion.

Just over a year ago, the media reported the London Natural History Museum’s plans to remove the Diplodocus skeleton display from the great hall. Not only to be demoted from the main entrance but to be taken from the museum altogether. To be replaced by a Blue Whale skeleton. From that moment, I made a resolution. I needed my child to see this, the way that I did when I was a toddler. The busy year of 2015 didn’t facilitate this opportunity, but as the chance to do it in early 2016 arose – I jumped at the chance… Continue reading

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I don’t keep a diary


Actually I do keep a diary. The title isn’t about me. For me, gone are the days of keeping a hidden book under my pillow. My diary is either my public musings, collected on my blog or on my phone as a practical reminder of upcoming events and meetings.

No, this is the story of a man who threw logic to the wind as he went against everything you would expect of him. This is the story of the tradesman with no diary. Yup, this post is a little bit of a humorous rant that takes place not too long ago rather than a helpful debate about whether to keep a diary or not. Sorry to disappoint. But without further ado, I present ‘The man with no diary’. Continue reading

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A Bing! thing theory


For those of you without kids, or have kids but don’t watch tv(!!?): Bing! is a 9 minute tv programme that runs daily on the BBC channel: Cebeebies. Unlike most of the garbage on these kids channels, I quickly grew to like Bing! – nearly as fast as my daughter did. In fact it’s one of the few tv shows that will relax her in the evenings… Continue reading

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The art of the story


A story is more than words and plot points. It’s more than a beginning, middle and end. A story is a heart thing. And the best stories not only capture the heart, but better it.

As Christmas Eve Eve draws to a close, chores in the triple digits have been ticked off and I finally have my feet up and it’s TV catchup time. But I can afford to type and watch. Why? Because most of my catchup is with shows that don’t require my full attention. Simply because they couldn’t handle my full attention. It’s become apparent over the years that my favourite element of any show, movie or comic is the storyline. Something that is sadly lacking in much of today’s media… Continue reading

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