Day 11 to 20 in LEGO


The second ten days of my LEGO Creative Challenge!

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The Chav and the Babies


Once Squish was born, she needed to be in the hospital with her mum for a few days. Not ideal, but necessary. During the delivery period, we had our own private suite -but once Squish had arrived, we were understandably moved to a larger ward for us to recover. Still lovely, it meant sharing the space with 5 other new families. When we arrived on the ward, only one other mum was present but by the second day it was full. The initial mum on the ward was quite amusing. Shall we say, slightly Chavvy? Slightly may be an understatement. And, as you may have guessed, that’s where our story begins… Continue reading

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Day 1 to 10 of LEGO

2014-11-05 20.17.15

So here it is, the first ten days of LEGO!

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30 Days of LEGO Creativity


Somewhere between the prolonged arrival of our baby, the long apprehensive nights and the keen enjoyment of Social Media – I found a very cool little pin on the social media streams. It’s not the first I’ve seen of these or by any means the slickest (or, ironically the best illustrated!), but it gave me a cool idea to reflect on that which I’m thankful for whilst awaiting baby… Continue reading

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The Waiting Game!


Anyone who’s had a baby will know that the guidelines surrounding actual labor are vague at best. Mainly because every mum and baby are different. Without getting too graphic or giving away the fact that I know precious little about this process – rest assured that this week would be titled ‘The Waiting Game’ in our journals… Continue reading

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Cold Drinks For The Win


I saw an article recently about the ‘struggles of non-tea drinkers‘. I really appreciated the concept and the thought that there may be someone who struggles as much as I do with hot drinks. As I read through the list of twenty-something reasons, I sadly began to realise that the author wasn’t as similar as I’d hoped and just didn’t drive home the point that needed to be made. Because quite simply some people don’t like hot drinks- I’m one of them and I don’t feel bad about it.

I know, I know I’m a web designer, I get called around to people’s offices and workplaces and they offer me warm beverages until they are blue in the face. But the simple fact is, I decline every time. If they don’t have squash (shame on them) or fizzy (even more shame!) then water will have to do. No offence to you T&C drinkers – but I have a right to drink the way I need to. So, to better the article mentioned above, here are MY numbered points about my struggles as an ‘I don’t drink Tea of Coffee’ guy: Continue reading

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